July 5th, 2007

Me 2010

My answer and other updates

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What is the answer to the universe? Go to your 42nd lj post and find out.

My answer to the universe is here. Very appropriate =)

Annual Breakfast: I managed to get everything ready and made it to work by 6:45 on Tuesday. Note to self - making 50 cups of coffee will take about 40 minutes. Coffee needs to go on earlier than 7am.

Still working on XML homework problems.

herefox made his olive/black pepper pasta for dinner on Tuesday. Yum! Oh well, that blew this week's points.

Today, picked up the kids and K & I took them to the 4th of July parade and fun faire. Kyle and Alani had little baggies to keep their candy booty separate. Had to laugh at the dismay of the family a half block away from us. They were admiring the horses and one horse did a rather spectacular dump in front of them *g* The Democratic party float was followed by the local group of Harley Davidson riders. The Hornets' cheerleaders were louder than the Jets'. Oh, and there was a flyover by a Coast Guard helicopter. Kyle liked it, Alani just covered her ears.