March 31st, 2007

Me 2010

FKO - March 25th

I really wanted to go to the Children's Concert - Urban Tapestry!!! So, as it was a noon concert and all, Alex & I decided to try and hit breakfast by 10am. I was also interested in the harmony workshop at 11am. We got down stairs around 10:15 and missed hitting the breakfast buffet. It's really weird to have a buffet end at 10AM on a Sunday. Decided to eat on the bar side of the restaurant - chairs are plushier and we could people watch. Joey eventually joined us. While we were waiting for our food to come, there were chats with Tanya, nMC's Rick (hrrunka and I know I've seen on somebody's flist) and filkertom.

Went to the dealer room and bought Karen Linsley's Road to Roswell and Juliane Honisch & Katy Droge's Witch Way to Reality. Talked once more to Glenn about rolanni's quest for Meg Davis' Captain Jack & the Mermaid cd - he took the info down and would see if he could get a copy. Was good and didn't buy any of the sparkley bead jewelry nor any of the cool material to start quilting.

Caught the tail end of the harmony workshop. OMG - gorgeous stuff =) Figured out that the director, Ed Stauff (who I've seen before, but I didn't recognize), was the same guy whose music I had enjoyed the night before.

Children's Concert!!! Urban Tapestry with folkmew and Heather Borean. Loved the alien song, the banana slug song (complete with bright yellow socks) and of course, the Hockey Monkey song.
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