September 9th, 2006

Me 2010

WorldCon - August 23 - Day One

Sometime on Tuesday, we did a quick trip over to the Convention Center and picked up our registration packets. So, part of Tuesday night was spent figuring out what panels to go to on Wednesday.

So - Wednesday -

Went to cult gym - Go Me!

We packed up the van with all the suitcases and there was space for three people in van. Everybody else would have to walk over to the new hotel.

Breakfast/brunch at IHOP. We ate at IHOP a lot - both the one next door to the old hotel and the one two blocks away from the convention hotel.
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Me 2010

WorldCon - August 24 - Day Two

Kev & I went to 10am Forensic Science Fiction panel with Sam Scheiner, John R. Douglas, James Hay, Keith R.A. DeCandido & Cordelia Willis (M).

I really enjoyed this panel - especially Cordelia Willis. She really knows her stuff (she works for LA County crime lab). Enjoyed how they talked about what was right with the forensic type TV programs and what was very wrong =).

Did not go to the Marina Sirtis: TNG and Beyond panel.

Got to meet Fiona Patton at her signing. Fe's cool!

Did we eat lunch in the hotel that day?
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Me 2010

WorldCon - August 25 - Day Three

Friday... everything's a blur.

I did the cult gym - 3 times - done for the week!

I submitted the birthday wish for Saturday.

Got in line by 10am for Anne McCaffrey's 11am signing. We were in the second row - apparently everybody was waiting for the signing. The dealers' didn't open until 10. Next time we run =) Chatted with the people in line - the kid in front of us wanted to get his favorite book signed and also one for his girlfriend. Turned out that due to Anne's ill health, that only one book could be signed. He made the ultimate sacrifice and just had the one for his girl friend signed.

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