June 26th, 2006

Me 2010

17th Annual Celebration of Surviving the First 6 Months With the City

Drat!!! Costco didn't have the Hilshire Farms Lil Smokies that I always get buy for my annual work breakfast. Have to improvise. Safeway has the little 14oz packages - but they're like $3 each!!! I usually use 10 pounds of the drat things.

So I bought some Aidel's Chicken & Apple sausage. Will probably end up slicing them up and serving them. They're already pre-cooked - just have to either nuke them or simmer them. Still extra work.

Tried to get stuff set up tonight, but the City Council's dinner set up was still out. Usually by 8pm, they're all cleaned up. *sigh*.

I've got all my stuff out on the table, will have to set everything up tomorrow.

I've cleaned the grapes and cleaned and sliced two flats of strawberries.

Tonight I still have to make melon balls (3 canteloupes, 2 honey dews & 1 watermelon)

Have to prepare fifteen pounds of cottage potatoes.

Need to be out the door and on the way by 6am.