November 17th, 2005

Kyle & Alani Obon 2005

Da Wharf

Monday started out on a weird note. G dropped off Alani at 7:30am. Unfortunately there was a very sad Kyle in the back seat of the car. If G had dropped off Alani AFTER she had taken Kyle to school, things might have been better for all. Kyle was upset that he HAD to go to SCHOOL and that Alani was going out to play with Auntie Debbie. Of course Alani was very excited about going to Fisherman's Wharf and Da Rainforest Cafe and all and wasn't the least bit quiet about it. *sigh* Kyle and I had a short discussion - he'd get a toy (since Alani was sure to get one) and that he could pick it out himself. At no time was the trip to toy store promised for that day.

Alani and I watched about half of Cinderella and then we went and picked up lilacfairy and greenmtnboy18 and caught the ferry to San Francisco. Went to the Animal Country shop where Alani picked out a purple horse and a white poodle. The purple horse was magical - it even made the "twinkle harp run" sound when you squeezed his back.

Lunch was at The Rainforest Cafe. Alex likes the place very much too. As the day progressed, Alani became more intrigued with Alex. "Where's Alex?" would come popping out of her mouth... Made Alex's day when he asked "who wants ice cream" and she ran up to him and took his hand and walked away. Not even a backwards glance to see if I was coming. We had ice cream at Ghiradelli's - both Lee & Alex really liked the new hot dark chocolate fudge sauce. Alani was very happy - her vanilla sundae had lots of whipped cream on it. She doesn't like the cherries though.

Caught the 3:45 ferry back to Alameda. Alex & I sort of dozed and Lee & Alani played horsies all the way across the bay. =) While I was driving home, I got a phone call from a still very sad Kyle. He wanted to go to the toy store now and I said that I couldn't because I had plans, but we'd go on Sunday as usual. He did own up and say I didn't promise him that we'd go today but he was really sad and at that point was crying. Oy vey... Not Fair.

Got to G's and we had a chat that involved lots of looking at the calendar and hugs. By the time I get home from work, he's going to bed - and the day I telecommute, he's at Steve's. G has plans for this weekend, so he and I are going to spend the day after Thanksgiving together. Poor sweetie. Things are still in an upheaval in his life.

We met trektone at Dark Carnival at 5:30pm and after an hour of book geeking, we went to an Indian restaurant for dinner. Food was good - loved their garlic naan. Didn't like the Indian ice cream - it's a texture thing I think.

Tuesday, Alex managed to meet me in Redwood City - after his first trip on Caltrain. Then we went to Foxy's for dinner - he made chicken in a port wine sauce and served it over rice. T'was good! Spent the next several hours playing Karaoke Revolution. I sort of dozed off - I had woken up at 4am with one of the "Eureka!" moments on how to fix a programming bug and had worked until I got kicked off the system at 6am for a reboot. "Debbie, what are you doing on the system this early???" So Foxy & Alex had fun doing some of the new duets on KR IV.

Wednesday morning, picked up Alex at 7am and dropped him off at SFO. *sniff*