October 21st, 2005

Kyle & Alani Obon 2005

Disneyland, Part I

Gads, this all seems such a long time ago.

I was all packed and ready to go by 2:30 or so. Then I went to go load up the car. Could NOT find my KEYS!!! Spent the next 45 minutes looking for those dang things. I thought I had put them on the hook by the door, but they had fallen into a bag.

Picked up Karen, then went to Gayle's. It was now about 3:45.

Packed up the car - G wanted to make sure that the kids would be occupied.

  • 2 9x13 inch rectangle plastic boxes filled with toys

  • 2 white boards for drawing on plus they could be used as a table

  • Basket of crayons and pens and markers. (plastic bag might have been a better choice)

  • 2 duffel bags for G & kids

  • 2 backpacks - one for me, one for K

  • 2 sleeping bags & pillows

  • Igloos (yes, ice chest - Mat!)

  • Munchies (grapes, bananas, apples, doritos, chex mix, cookies etc)

  • Case of water

  • 12 pack of diet pepsi

  • 12 pack of apple juice

  • Wedding presents

  • Dresses

Then add in two car seats, 2 kids and 3 adults. The car was definitely packed.
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Me 2010

Thank You!!!

Door bell just rang.

A bouquet of flowers!!! Pink & white carnations, yellow mums, pink/purple/red lillies, dark purple bell flowers and violet flowers with yellow centers. Just lovely.

Thanks Kev for the lovely note and pick me up. =) Definitely needed one this week.
Kyle & Alani Obon 2005

Disneyland, Part II - The Fairy Tale Wedding

Alani & I shared a bed. She is such a bed hog. She keeps rolling over and pushes you along. Kyle slept on the floor. K & G ended up in a bed.

Saturday morning was a lazy sleep in. Karen was up and about by 8am. I think I was next up. Kids slept in until 9. Lori, Karen's friend, was coming for the kids at 10am. The kids know Lori and her 7 year old niece, Emily who's a great buddy of Kyle's.

I'm not sure the kids knew what was going on - and we really didn't give them a chance to argue. It was "bye, have fun!" and off they went.

Between Gayle's heels and the heaviness of the wedding present (calphalon pans are not light), decision was made to drive to the Disneyland Hotel. The wedding was held in the hotel's rose garden. Not sure exactly where to go, but we followed the other Asians who were all dressed up and found the place fairly quickly. It was great to see the cousins.
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Me 2010

Disneyland Part III and the Journey Home and a meme

Sunday morning - another late start. What is it with these kids? The park opens at 9am!!! We got to the park around 10:30. The forecast said that there would be some rain...

First thing we did? Space Mountain. They have a new policy - instead of the entire group going through the ride and then trading off the kids who are too small to ride, they give the person who is watching the kid a green ticket. The rest of the group go do the ride and then meet and trade off the kid at some designated spot. The person with the ticket may bring one other person with her, so she doesn't have to ride alone. They can go through the fastpass lane or via the exit and get on almost immediately. Ride was working! We were in line for less than half an hour. Kyle screamed the entire ride and loved it! Met Gayle at the exit, did the kid switch, and she & Kyle rode it together. The entrance to the ride is more "space station" like and you can't see the ride at all. Can't see anything at all when you're on the ride itself, so you can't anticipate the turns or dips. Need to ride it some more!
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