October 12th, 2005

Me 2010

Where's my diet pepsi!!!???

Ah, I sure can tell when I haven't had my morning fix.

Went to the gym this morning, then I dropped off my car at the dealership for service and walked home.

Went to open the door... Minor problem. No keys, ya know?

Had to walk back to the dealership and get my keys. *sigh*
Kyle & Alani Obon 2005

What's happening...

Hmmm, I'm behind on my lj again...

The week in review =)

Last Wednesday, trektone and I went to Silver Dragon for a comfort food dinner. Silver Dragon was a favorite when I was growing up with most of the JA that I know. Got there around 5:45pm - place was fairly empty. My memories of the place were that it was always busy. Ordered a bunch of favorites - homyuk (steamed minced pork with salt fish), prawns in lobster sauce, guylan (chinese broccoli), roast duck and rice. Me, I'd been craving homyuk for a long while - it wasn't as fishy/salty as I remembered.

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Tonight, finally made it over to Joyce's - get well present and all - even though she went back to work on Monday. She, Jenny and I were comparing surgical incisions, though Joyce's were still under bandages. She didn't want to look. She's doing well!!! Went to dinner at Acapulco's and yakked. Then we went over to Walgreen's so I could pick up wrapping paper for Kyle & Miki's wedding gift. Joyce MADE me buy the Disney Cinderella wedding paper and the matching card. Oy! Karen is so going to cringe when she sees the gift.
Kyle & Alani Obon 2005


Goal: Get me, Karen, Gayle, Kyle and Alani to Disneyland safely

Things to do and schedule...

  • Wake up

  • Go to gym

  • Laundry (approx 2 hours)

  • Store (go while clothes are in the dryer?)


    • Wheat Thins

    • Goldfish

    • Cookies?

    • Kid Drinks

    • Water

  • Finish packing

  • Do Time card

  • Wrap wedding present

  • Load up car

  • Stop by AAA - need new maps

  • Pick up Karen at 3pm

  • Be at Gayle's at 3:30pm

  • Be on the road by 4pm

  • Break - kids will NOT sit for 2 hours straight

  • Dinner stop about 6pm

  • Breaks as needed

  • Hit LA around 11ish?

  • Bed by midnight? I'm being optimistic here. On the other hand, I think I'm the slowest driver out of the 3 of us