June 17th, 2005

Me 2010

I am insane =)

So, today (yeah, it's after midnight), I am going to drive the 205.67 miles (according to mapquest) to Hanford so I can watch Shawna in this year's Frontline Continentals touring show. She's in tour group W - Western United States from June 4 - July 11 and will be performing in CA, NV, UT, ID, MT, WY, & SD!!! Wish I could go to the July 7th concert - it's in her hometown of Yreka and I could get in a visit with Sony.

She'll be performing South Lake Tahoe on Saturday & Sunday, but I've got graduation parties (Wesley's on Saturday & Erica's on Sunday) plus Sean Henry's Eagle Scout celebration. And baseball games too. A's vs Philadelphia Phillies.

So, the plan for the day is:

  • Go to gym

  • Finish up report for Laurel

  • Pack

  • Don't forget books!

  • Drive to Hanford's Sequoia Inn

  • Relax. Swim. Read

  • Go to concert

  • Chill. Read more

  • Leave for home by 10am on Saturday

Me 2010

(no subject)

Somebody came to the door today, bible in hand, and started talking, and I just said "no thank you. good bye" and closed the door.

I really need to get a sign which not only says "No Solicitors" but also says "I'm Buddhist! Don't even try".

Though, that may make it worse. If you come to my apt, and I'm not expecting you - make sure you yell through the mailslot. Sometimes, I'll look out the window and if I see UPS or Fed Ex or USPS, I will answer, otherwise, I ignore it.

One of my co-Sunday school teachers enjoys the "dialog". Not me.

Just about packed. Time to go.