May 9th, 2005

Me 2010

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Because trektone "tagged" me...

1) Total number of films I own on DVD/video:
Lots. As I don't actually go to the theatres to see movies too often, I have a tendency to buy movies on dvd/vhs. The problem is I don't always watch them in a *timely* manner. For example, last year Alani & I watched A Little Mermaid - and the vhs movie was still in its shrink wrapped packaging from 1996?.

DVD: Enough to fill 4 foot bookshelf and then some. Anime box sets. ST:OS in the cute red, blue and yellow box sets. Buffy & Angel box sets. Some ST:NG in box sets. New Avenger box sets. Ultraviolet (oh Alex?)

Video: I've had a vcr since 1984 and have been buying tapes ever since. A tall bookshelf full plus a few piles more. I am a pack rat and rarely get rid of anything even very bad movies. Two sets of Star Wars (the original and the expanded versions). Most of the animated Disney movies. I really need to sort through the movies and *ack* get rid of some.

2) The last film I bought: Finding Neverland

3) The last film I watched:

theatre: Finding Neverland
home: Bits of Baby Genius but it bored even the kids, so we turned it off. (They did enjoy Baby Genius II.) But the last movie I watched and enjoyed was When Harry Met Sally - herefox made me watch it.

4) Five films that I watch a lot or that mean a lot to me:

Jumpin' Jack Flash
Scarlet Pimpernel (1935)
Cinderella (1965)
Sound of Music

5) Tag 5 people and have them put this in their journal:
Kyle & Alani - August 2004

The Long Catch Up (faire in separate post)

My dad would have turned 79 today. Happy Birthday Daddy!

It's funny how Mommy becomes Mom very early on, but Daddy never quite made it to Dad...

It's been a tough couple of days. G came home on Friday. Adjustments again. Kids not quite sure what's going on. Lots of melt downs - tantrums and tears.

Kids & I went to Rainforest Cafe for lunch and then went to the San Francisco Bay Aquarium on Sunday. They often check ID when you charge stuff in the store at the Cafe, and the guy said, "you've been here before because I remember checking your id". Yup. Checking my journal, I believe I've been there with the kids about once every two weeks for the past two months. Kids loved going through the aquarium's tunnel. Watching all the fish swim around you, above and the sides just fascinated them. Kyle got brave and touched a starfish in the tide pool area. I got to pet a skate. Didn't realize how soft their wings would be.

Auntie Yoshi (aka Auntie June) came home from the hospital today. Thursday, she fainted and fell in the lobby of her apartment. Suffered a compression fracture of her tail bone (I think). Turns out she has a bleeding ulcer and that's why she fainted. She seems to be doing much better, but please send some healing thoughts her way. She just turned 89 last month.

Dinner at Foxy's on Tuesday - American Idol as usual. We also watched When Harry Met Sally which I had never seen before. Very cute - enjoyed it very much.

Wednesday night, took Joycie out for a belated birthday dinner at Black Angus. Got a newbie waitress. She definitely needs some more seasoning. Food was good. Company was wonderful. Lots of yakking.
Me 2010

Southern Faire

By that Friday morning, we had found out about Pekoe's passing. Very, very sad to hear about it.

Foxy and I were just having one of those mornings. Everything from not getting into Ole's because we were moving very slowly and would have been late in picking up sillermoon and bf Eddie to realizing that the ice chest was still in the kitchen - after we had gotten ice and drinks at the store. Also had grabbed the coke with lime instead of the coke 12 pack. There's just a slight different in the packaging (small green stripe on can). Oh well. Did remember to pick up the girls' prezzies at Lee's.

Did introduce Foxy to the joy that is of a Hobo Breakfast.

Picked up Siller & E at the train station and we were off to LA. Original plans had been to stop at Casa de Fruta for lunch, but then the light bulb went off in my head that we weren't going via San Jose/Pacheco Pass for a change. We were leaving from Alameda... and that meant highway 5 almost the entire way. Ended up stopping in Santa Nella at Anderson's Pea Soup. Enjoyed the soup as usual.

Checked into the Culver City Travelodge around 6:30pm - made pretty good time during rush hour traffic.

Went over to Rainy and i_am_lono's place. Lots of hugs. Pounces from tiggrmish too! Realized that Sorcha is now TALLER than I am - and I loved the purple streaks in her hair. Emily is still adorable. =)

Picked up dinner at the Cuban place - PAELLA... YUM!!! I was happy. Lots of chatting - and BADGER too!!! We adjourned by midnight as it had been a long day and faire would maybe be early...

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