February 16th, 2005

Me 2010

5 laps behind as usual...

Thursday, Foxy & I did that Costco Thang, followed by dinner at In & Outs and some KR and DDR. Haven't done any DDR in months. Brain is out of practice in interpreting what's on the tv and making feet follow pattern. Stuff I knew well, I did okay (ie Midnight Blaze)

Friday, Liz & I went did the gym thing and then went out to breakfast at Ole's. Still no bacon.
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Saturday night, I got time off for good behavior and I went to a filksing with trektone. As I arrived at the place first, I got to introduce myself to Bob Kanefsky, the host "Hi, I'm Debbie & I'm crashing the party, but actually Joey told me about it". (Joey got there about 20 minutes later). The only person I recognized at first was the See's Candy Lady from the Heather concerts (Sandy). Also, Carol who I had met at last year's Consonance, but I couldn't remember her name at the time and the lady (Jane) who I gave cough medicine to.

johno and chriso arrived later as did mdlbear and flower_cat and Kathy Mar and mroblivious. Heard lots of new songs, and some old - enjoyed listening to Kathy Mar's Merlin again. Heard a filk of Lullaby for a Weary World and then later on Joey was kind enough to sing the regular version. Yay!!!

Joey & I ended up grabbing a late dinner/snack at Denny's (pho place closed just as we got there) and chatting for a couple of hours. Got home around 5am.

Sunday, Kyle & Mommy went off to Mia's birthday party at The Jungle. (kind of like the place that pezazul took me too and we had a blast) Alani and I went to MacDonald's for lunch - chicken nuggets happy meal + a mini Pinkie Pie MLP. Alani was very excited about her new pony! Went to Washington Park - because of the rainy weather, nobody was around, but with her waterproof pants on, Alani didn't care. Water on the slides? No problem.
Me 2010

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Got to gym this morning at 5:59AM. That's AM... as in very, very early.
Liz said that they were late in opening yesterday too.

Annoying. Guess I'm going at lunch today.
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