January 17th, 2005

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Been busy with family stuff over the last week. Spending much time with Alani & Kyle.

Kyle climbed his first tree yesterday. We compromised - his feet could go no higher than the top of my head. He was being led astray by an older woman (7 year old).

Alani is totally obsessed with My Little Ponies. She keeps going around and showing the adults "The Twinkle Toes Dance Studio" and how she'd like it for her birthday. She'll get it for Valentine's Day.

Can you say "head and chest cold?". Yup. That's what I've gotten. Am feeling grumptastic about it. Cold meds sure help. Good thing I stocked up on kleenix.

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Me 2010

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It's a sorry state of affairs when you realize that the salad you picked up at Costco, you know the Spinach with bacon and eggs and stuff, is not a spinach salad. You grabbed the Greek salad instead (romaine lettuce, tomatoes, olives, cucumbers, onions and feta cheese). What makes it so sad is that you don't realize that you got the other salad until you're half way through and can't figure out why it's not tasting the way you're expecting it to.

On a happier note, for the second time, I picked out a football square that won. For the second time, it was a square I picked out for coworker Faith, not the one for me. She wasn't around and she & I always get into the pool, so I put her in.

I bring her luck, so she gave me half. *grin* I believe the word is bulatto (sp?). Mrs. Sonido used that word a lot. So did her grand children - especially when grandma came back from Reno...