November 10th, 2004

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The week that ended October 31st

This is a belated entry as I never posted about greenmtnboy18 and indigorogue's visit because I had no internet access...

Friday, October 22nd: Vacuumed the living room and then was out the door at 9:15 to pick up indigorogue at Oakland airport. A wee bit of a problem as I finally figured out that I had no idea what she looked like. We hadn't made arrangements to meet other than at baggage claim at terminal 2. No fairy wands, no purple boas, no cat-in-the-hat matching hats. Uh oh. I just knew that she had dark hair and glasses. Ended up examining the ladies that fit the description. Saw one lady looking sort of lost, but she gave me a strange look. Finally wrote 'leena's name on sheet of paper and held it in front of me. Yay! Found her.

Back to house, dropped off her stuff and then off to Fisherman's Wharf for the day. Wandered around Pier 39 - had lunch at Neptune's Palace where leena was able to fulfill one of her wishes - clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl! Visited with the sea lions, hit the fudge shop and ooh'd at some of the shiny stuff in the shops. Drove down Lombard Street and after seeing the street, leena decided she didn't need to go down it on a skateboard. Next stop, Golden Gate Bridge. She took lots of pictures but decided that walking across was not on her list of things she really wanted to do. Drove over the Richmond/San Rafael bridge on the way home so she got the three bridge tour.

Picked up herefox at the BART station around 6:30. We all hung out and chatted. trektone was going to pick up the pizzas at Zachary's Pizzas and arrive at my place around 9pm. Left Foxy & leena at the apt to install stupid showerhead and wait for Joey, while I picked up lilacfairy so that we could pick up greenmtnboy18 at Oakland airport. Dumb me, I had forgotten to check the flight status and found out that Alex's plane was going to be an hour late. Rats! So, Lee & I found seats at baggage claim and chatted until Alex finally showed up.

Lots of pizza, drinks (both wine & sodas), munchies and good company!!!

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The Week That Ended October 31st, Part II

Wednesday, October 27th, I was telecommuting and waiting for phone tech to show (never did). I heard that Lee & Alex spent most of the day watching TV and NAPPING. =P

Ah, yes, t'was the day of the surprise. The Lunar Eclipse Sail Around San Francisco Bay - aboard the Hawaiian Chieftain and the Lady Washington. We all knew what a HUGE fan of Pirates of the Caribbean that greenmtnboy18 is and thought for a birthday prezzie, we'd take him sailing.

Had found out the week before that the Lady Washington had mechanical problems and would not arrive in San Francisco in time for the sail. She didn't even leave port until after the 27th. The people at the Hawaiian Chieftain arranged for the people originally scheduled for the Lady Washington to sail upon the Gas Light. Were hoping that Alex would still like the trip.

So, Lee, Joey & I plotted away. Joey was unable to go because of work scheduling. Pooh. Lee was keeping Alex occupied and had told him that we were just doing something in the afternoon. I told him that he should dress warmly - layers especially. Eat a late lunch as dinner would be very late.

Trying to figure out stuff without asking a person straight out is difficult. A couple of week before, I had a weird conversation with Alex via aim about how I needed to buy dramamine because I was going to be a passenger in a car or something. "Did he get car sick too??". Thankfully, he said he didn't get sick. Otherwise we might have had a problem.

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The Week that Ended October 31st, Part III

Hmmm, what's left?

Thursday, I picked up Thai food at Ladda's (restaurant close to work). Traffic was its usually clutter, but I made it home around 7. Had talked to Joey earlier and he was out on the find krispy kreme doughnuts quest for Alex.

He got to my place a couple of minutes after I did. Guess he'd gone around the block once or twice though. Left him to put out the food while I went after Lee & Alex. We did a pretty good job on the food - pad thai, green curry, yellow curry, fried rice, steamed rice, chicken pad prik king (for alex - string beans, ya know?), and couple other dishes. Ate more of the leftover desserts (the carrot cake from Baker's Square is huge). Had wine (this is very important)

Spent most of the evening playing Karaoke Revolution. Do you know how many times I had to hear Friends in Low Places????!!!! It was one of the few songs that Alex knew well. Joey had us all in stitches as he sang the songs in all different pitches (perfectly) and changed the words. It was a lot of fun! We played until a quarter to 1... At least I didn't have to then drive out to Berkeley and I think Joey leaves for work earlier than I do.

Friday morning, I picked up Alex and dropped him off at the airport *sniff* and then headed out to work. *wahhhh*

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