August 28th, 2004

Me 2010

Kyle's Party

Yesterday, spent the morning working (I was supposed to be off!!). Love it when you're going on vacation and things suddenly have to be done. Will still have to do some more work today & tomorrow. *sigh*

Had gotten Kyle's sort of wishlist from Gayle. Thunderbirds' Miss Penelope's car. 50 piece jigsaw puzzle. Connect the Dots book. Tennis shoes with laces (he's learning to tie his shoes), size 12W (oy!!!! I wear between a 3 1/2 - 4 boys size). Broadway Kids' cds. Karen hadn't had time to shop for the Little Man either, so I was searching for gifts from both of us.

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Picked up Liz at 5pm and off we went to the Coliseum. Ah blessed AC. Plaza Suite 69. Checked out the suite, munched on popcorn from the huge A's souvenier tin, looked for something better to watch than 5 tv screens of the 49er game (ended up with the Boston game, the Yankees game, the news, & bits of the olympics). Then plopped down on the leather couches and relaxed.

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A's win! YES!

Have to get ready. Going to the Palo Alto street fair. Need to stop by Fed Ex (plane tickets?). Going to pick herefox
A's game with fireworks tonight. Still need to pack. Work.
Me 2010

The clock is ticking...

On the list of the things that I need to do:

  • Pack

  • Pick up meds

  • Work

  • Fill out time card

  • Figure out transportation to airport

  • Check neopets into hotel

  • Pay for playoff tickets

  • Hit See's

  • Figure out which books I'm taking

  • Pack wine (don't forget the corkscrew!)

Picked up fed ex package - it was for the pepsi event. Had plane tickets & t-shirt, luggage tags and explanation of game (pages & pages).

Foxy & I spent were good at the Palo Alto Art & Wine Fair until we found the wildlife prints of FOXES booth and the evil glass pusher booth. Michael had some gorgeous new glass. Stormy swirls of purples and reds. Dang.

Went to the A's game - A's won!!! Fireworks! OOOOOH SHINY! I just love watching fireworks. Lots of greens and purples and bright white sparkles.