May 24th, 2004

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The Long and Winding Road - England, Wales, Ireland & Scotland

The Long and Winding Road - England, Wales, Ireland & Scotland

Or Deb & Kev's Marvelous Adventure

May 8-23, 2004

How do I condense over 80 pages of handwritten journal? Let me see...

Karen picked me up at 5:30am on the 8th. Ugh. Very early. Was up, showered, packed and excited. Suitcase was full already and I hadn't even begun the trip. I am known for buying lots of this and that, where was I going to put everything? Probably packed more clothes than I needed, but I really didn't want to deal with doing laundry. The most we'd be at any one hotel would be two nights and I figured there would be much better things to do than laundry. Got to the airport by 6:30 and got bag checked with no problem. Karen treated me to breakfast in the airport cafe. She hugged me and then off I went through security.

Flight to Atlanta was uneventful at least that's what I thought. I slept most of the 4 hour trip. Heard that there was some kind of medical problem in the front - flight attendent had to climb up on seat in front of me in order to get medical kit. As I got off the plane, I saw young woman sleeping across a row with many blankets. Overheard in the bathroom that our flight almost got diverted to Denver because passenger was that sick. Oy. Glad I didn't know that.

Decided to meet Kev at his gate - I had flown into terminal A - he flew into terminal B (though I had gone to terminal C first). Good thing he was awake as I walked right past him. Took the train over to terminal E. Had issues as we weren't assigned seats together. Grrrr. That was the main reason why we were doing this "fly into Atlanta then fly to London".

There must be a better way - as we had been assigned a different airplane than originally planned, the computer just automatically reassigns seats and we were under different reservation numbers that they can't book us together. Kev was able to get the guy seated next to him to switch seats so everything turned out fine. Poor Kev... he had to deal with sleep deprived grouchy me. *grin*

After going through passport control and customs, we were met by cheery lady from Hotelink. This company shepards people from plane to Gatwick Express Train to Victoria Station to bus to individual hotels. Worked great! Kev & I checked into hotel and decided to crash just for a bit. It wasn't even 10am at that point -zzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Woke up 5 hours later. Oops. Did a quick walk around the area (Westminster) - we were two blocks from the Tate Museum (not the Modern Arts one) and block or so from the Thames. Ended up eating in an Indian restaurant. The bottled water there read "Delightfully Still". Came back to the hotel and thought about what we'd do the next day. Even after long nap, went to bed early as neither of us had gotten much sleep over the past week.

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