May 1st, 2004

Me 2010

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I just realized that I haven't updated my journal all week. Had a few very nice evenings with friends - a very low key week.

Monday, Foxy and I went to dinner at Fiesta del Mar. I needed a glass of sangria.

Thursday, Joey and I went out for dinner at Unicorn Pan Asian Cuisine in Berkeley. It was all part of the East Bay's Dining Out For Life - an annual fund raiser for the Center for Aids Services. Participating restaurants will donate 25% or more of the day's receipts to the Center.

Decided to be adventurous, so we got the SEAFOOD ENCHANTMENT Sampler dinner: Dungeness Biscuits - Baby Spinach with Dungeness Crab in Tamarind Sauce - Chilean Sea bass in Baba Curry Sauce - Jasmine rice - Your Choice of Desserts. We ordered the CHOCOLATE EXTREME (Chocolate crust with layers of rich dark chocolate mousse and milk chocolate. Sprinkled with chocolate ganache, chocolate shaving and drizzling chocolate) and the FRIED BANANA WITH ICE CREAM (Raspberry sauce over fried banana with your choice of ice cream).

With dinner, we had a glass of the Navarro Pinot Noir and the Cabernet Tempranillo. With dessert, we had the Carmenet Semillion and the Da Vinci Reisling. The Reisling was rose in color and very good.

Friday night, Foxy, Charlie & I went over to Costco. I finally bought a digital camera - the Konica-Minolta G500 5 megapixel - 3x optical, 3x digital zoom. Have been playing around with it and will take pics today at Auntie Yoshi's birthday lunch.

Foxy made sausage stew for dinner (yum!) served with a very chewy inside, crunchy crust outside bread. Watched a couple of episodes of season 3 Angel. Drank chianti with dinner - which helped when we played Karaoke Revolution afterwards. Just love trying to sing long notes when royally congested due to allergies.