February 27th, 2004

Me 2010

Costco is dangerous

Going to costco with my sister Karen is dangerous. Especially when we're both in a shopping mood. Not good. Actually, I didn't buy anything that was out of the ordinary, just bought lots of meats and staples. Oh, and we bought Gayle's stuff too. Oy.

Considering that we didn't buy any high ticket items, we must have bought lots of small stuff. Haven't had this high of a total in a bit. Even my christmas shopping at costco wasn't this high. *grin*

Chin's Garden
Went to our favorite local chinese restaurant for dinner. It's been closed for over a month for refurbishing. Well, that's what we thought. Not only has restaurant has been refurbished, it has also changed ownership. Waaah!!! Would have been nice to at least wish May and her family good luck or happy retirement or both. Her family has owned the restaurant for almost 20 years? We've been going to it since I was a kid - Dad and Mr. Chin were friends. This is one of the restaurants that knew us (mom, karen, me) by our order/voices. "Hi, I'd like 2 orders of hot & sour soup, spicy beef chow fun" "Oh hi debbie how are you? Do you want tender greens too?"

Decided to try out some of our favorite dishes to see if they were still good. Hot and sour soup & chow mein are still delicious. Yay!!! Tried a new dish - spicy chicken with basil (herefox would love this) and it was great!
Me 2010

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Am currently debating on whether to drive down to carmel or not in the morning.

I think I need some "recharge the batteries" time and sitting on the beach and watching the waves crash against the shore sure helps.

Weekends are going to be busy between now and Europe trip.