February 4th, 2004

Me 2010

Catch up...

Lots of stuff going on.

Last Thursday, I worked half day and then I went up to SFO to pick up Sony's son Tadesse. He was coming in on a United flight so I went to concourse F. Went to the ticket counter as per instructions. Turned out T was coming in on an Air Canada plane rather than a United and I need to go over to concourse 1 - which was all the way on the opposite end of the airport. Walked fast enough across the airport that I got stopped by a cop. *grin* Told him I had been directed to the wrong place and I had to hurry because I was picking up an 11 year old and... he just smiled and let me go on my way. Got to the Air Canada ticket counter and was told that I couldn't go to the gate, but that T would be escorted to the end of the security barrier and I could meet him there. Was waiting for all of 5 minutes when I heard "Auntie Deb". The lady escorting T checked my i.d. - though all it said on her slip was "Auntie Deb" - not Debbie Matsuura *grin*

Made it up to Yreka by 6pm. Did talk to T a bit about the situation, but didn't go too deep. (Thanks greenmtnboy18 !)

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When I drove by Davis, Sunday, I "waved" to sillermoon

Monday night, tried a new Italian/Mediterranean restaurant with herefox. Zucca's was good - liked the lentil soup and the grilled salmon with garlic mashed potatoes in a red pepper sauce was lovely. Loved the borsao! Enjoyed the pumpkin baklava with pumpkin gelato - never thought of combining pumpkin and baklava.

Window repair person is coming by today (not sure, he said he was going to call Tuesday to confirm and haven't heard a thing)to fix living room and bedroom windows that have been broken for 3 months.