January 9th, 2004

Me 2003

Moon Days & Other Musings

You know, most of the time I have no problems with 'that time of the month', but for some reason, this month has been lousy.

For example, last week, a grumpy, grouchy Kev said to me, "that if he were a woman, he could blame his current state on 'that time of the month'". I reminded Kev that since we shared a brain, that it WAS 'that time of the month'. I was grumpy, grouchy and tired too, ya see.

My allergies have kicked in, so I am sneezing too. It's not helping. 'nough said.

Had to mail off my DMV registration - it needed to be postmarked today, so I zipped down to the post awful right before 5pm. I normally register on-line, but with the VLF fiasco (increase/then roll back of increase), I would have to pay the original amount online and wait for a refund (some time in 2004). If I mailed it, I could pay the adjusted amount. The difference was almost $300. Oy.

Lots of messages back and forth between several friends re: travel plans.

My current travel plans for 2004 (so far):

  1. Most of May - England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales

  2. Memorial Day Weekend - CONduit XIV - Salt Lake City, UT

  3. Labor Day Weekend - Noreascon (WorldCon) - Boston, MA