December 23rd, 2003

Me 2010

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Today seemed to be one of those days. Work was busy yet didn't feel like I accomplished much.

Delivered Christmas gift certificates to coworkers. After plotting with Gayle, we're giving them lunch and a neck/shoulder massage session. Gayle will bring her chair to my office and we'll be using the soon to be vacant IT division manager officer. Did hear one joyful squeal when one person opened the envelope *grin*.

Felt the earthquake today. My chair was rolling and I wasn't moving it. Another *HUH* moment. Yet another long thirty seconds. Was debating on whether to duck under my desk, but it didn't shake enough. (thank you lord)

Got home late. Plopped myself in front of the computer and watched episodes 8-13 of Buffy. I found myself liking Xander especially when he confronts Buffy re: Riley. The whole sick Mom and hospital scenes rang very true to me. T'was weird how those feelings I'd forgotten or buried - the helpless? desperate? sorta feelings all came back. The sense that I needed to be strong for everybody else. 10 years ago around this time, Karen, Gayle and I were at the hospital every day visiting Mom. One of the comments that a character said to Buffy and Dawn was "you're getting to be part of the staff here" or something like that. My sisters and I were known and knew the staff on three floors, all three shifts and the weekend crew.