November 29th, 2003

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Well, so much for NaNoWriMo. Next year. Though now that I've started the story, I need to figure out where it's going.

Have been blazing through J.D. Robb's (aka Nora Roberts) Eve Dallas mysteries. I was always afraid to start reading them because she is one of my favorite romance writers and these particular books take place in the future. My usual experience with mainstream romance writers + science fiction/fantasy has not been very good. I usually end up cringing and throwing the book at the wall. Am so very glad that this is not true and have read the first 16 over the past two weeks. Have just Imitation in Death & Remember Me to go, though the newest one comes out on January 16th. *sigh*

Boy, I definitely need to go back and watch this movie.
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Me 2010


It's one of the downstair's kid's birthday party. Oy.

From my kitchen window I see a huge balloon like Dora the Explorer - it's one of those blow up "buildings" where the kids can go inside and jump around and throw balls and stuff. Good thing Kyle & Alani aren't around, they'd crash the party for sure.

It sounds like kids music - aka the dreaded Oh Chihuahua song and singer. Only it's the WHOLE DAMN ALBUM. *sigh*

It should be interesting when they do the pinata. The rope for it is tied to my back porch. Can't quite see what character they've chosen.
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Good thoughts

Just got an email from cousin Heidi. She just got back from the hospital. Uncle Mits is doing fairly well for an 80+ year old man who just had a quadruple heart bypass. He's off the ventilator and they actually got him out of bed and into a chair today. Go Uncle Mits!

Found out on Thursday that Uncle Mits had gone in for a check up on Monday and from some of the symptoms he had, the doctor had him do the treadmill test. He failed it, so they scheduled surgery for this past Friday.

It's been a hard year for him and Auntie Hey. Their daughter Irene passed away in May from a brain tumor. He's also had some other health issues too.

Please send good thoughts his way. Thanks!