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Behind again...

Last Friday, after many emails, I ended up driving to Mountain View instead of Palo Alto to pick up a boxful of the new Julia Ecklar cd Traveler from egoldberg. Got a quick introduction to Eli and Gray Mouser - a very pretty kitty. As I was leaving, I noticed a cat that looked just like the one who was "still inside" - out on the porch. Ooops. A clone? A twin? Nope. While Eli & I were trying to get the door with box of cds and trying very hard not to knock over any of the other boxes, da cat had escaped. The cat allowed himself(herself?) to be snuggled by Eli, thus proving he/she was indeed da right cat. Oy. =)

Picked up Foxy, had a quick dinner at Kapp's and then headed down to Consonance.

First thing I wanted to do was to drop off the cds. Unfortunately we had gotten to the con after the dealers room had closed. Registration too. Had missed unclechristo's concert completely and most of Peter Beagle's. I wish the con program had been posted so that I knew when things started before hand. It usually is. Ah well. Checked into the hotel.

Went to the blues themed filk circle - Really enjoyed Marty Coady Fabish's Jessica Rabbit song - I really enjoyed her singing too. Much giggles listening to the Ropers' SMOF song (don't remember the title). I was also enjoying cflute's harmonies and was totally fascinated by her bass flute. Oy! Much laughter ensued when one of the singers said (sang?) something about flutes that had the flute players in the room up at arms *grin*. A minute later, the flutes were out, assembled and ready to toot. Beware!

Made plans to meet Joey for dim sum at 10am. I made it to midnight (what is wrong with this picture? *g*), but then I had to crash. It had been a very tiring week. Brain dead and all.

Saturday... Up and about around 9:30. Dealers room wasn't scheduled to open until 11?, but the room was open and with the help of the Creasey's, I was able to complete the delivery of the cds!!! Yay! Poor Foxy got to do the beast of the burden duties. I knew I brought him along for some reason *weg*.

Dim sum! Yum!!! Though I have to admit it's been interesting trying to calculate WW points. Foxy was a good sport - dim sum is not his favorite food, but he was humoring me. Chatting with Joey is always fun. Plots... hmmm... We actually did well and didn't overflow the table with leftovers.

I was very bad in the Dealers Room.

Memorial Circle for Cynthia McQuillin. Amazing.

Puzzlebox and then Marty Fabish (she did the rabbit song again!)

Interfilk auction - lots of laughter, though nobody got carried out of the room this time. Lots of wenching - see johno's post. Joey did get wenched by tfabris who looked wonderful in purple!

Dinner break - everything was running late, so Sean, Joey & I ended up doing take out from In N Out burgers and bringing it back to the room. Opened up a bottle of the 2003 Chumeia Pinot Noir and munched on burgers and yakked.

More concerts! Helga Olegaurde (aka Erica Neeley aka catalana) and then the GOH concert of Bill & Gretchen Roper. They did the SMOF song again and the "wife is always right" song - lots of laughter - in fact, the two ladies sitting next to us were in hysterics. =)

I continued to be bad in the Dealers Room.

Ended up at the anti-theme filk circle. Sat behind Margaret Davis so I could watch her play the harp. Major Harp Envy. Loved vixyish's Mal's Song - she said the original theme was a chorus in need of a verse, so she wrote the verse. Heard lots of cool stuff, but it's been days, so the specifics are gone. I made it to 2? Foxy & I yakked until 3 I think.

Sunday! Breakfast in the hotel restaurant - spinach, mushrooms, hamburger and cheese scramble. Wanted meat and veggies for some reason. Ice tea was wonderful.

Quick trip to Borders...

Enjoyed the Puzzlebox Kids' concert. I think Kyle and Alani would have had a blast. I just have to remember, when you're doing "head, shoulders, knees and toes", to watch out for the seat back in front - especially at the "knees and toes" part.

Two-fers! Enjoyed vixyish and tfabris & mdlbear and cflute!

cadhla's concert. Wow!!! Loved Sycamore Tree and Pretty Little Dead Girls. There were more songs I liked, but I can't remember the names. *sigh*

We left at that point - needed food. Ended up at Tied House for a French Dip sandwich. Sourdough roll was extremely tasty.

I am now the proud owner of the following CD's:

Julia Ecklar's Traveler (preordered through Prometheus)
Kathy Mar's My Favorite Sings (courtesy of egoldberg)

Avalon Rising's Storming Heaven
Bedlam Bards' On the Drift: Music inspired by Firefly & Serenity
Chris Conway's My Mind's Island and Chris Conway - Live!
Escape Key's Shadow Beast
Echo's Children's A Dancing World & From the Hazel Tree
Filk Together: Songs from FilkOntario 12
Cynthia McQuillin's Dark Moon Circle, Dreams of Fortune and Singer in the Shadow
Puzzlebox's Assembly Required
Bill Roper's Seven Miles a Second

I bought another compilation CD - Black Unicorn. I wasn't going to buy it because I had most of the Heather Alexander tracks except for Dark Visions. But it had a JOEY track. So I bought it.

EDIT 03/19/06: The Jessica Rabbit song is called "When I Grow Up". Lyrics can be found here.
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