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Life is good

Okay, this was supposed to be posted earlier this week, but there was this little *annoying* thing called DDoS. Stupid stupid stupid.

I think Kev had an inkling that I was up to no good when he received the recipe for sugar cookies in an email. I'm sure he was certain of it when I pulled the following out of my suitcase a week ago Friday night: red sugar sprinkles, rolling pin and various valentine cookie cutters - including the infamous mutant I WUV YOU koala bear. (Picture cute 70's style hallmark smiley koala bear holding a big heart that says "I Wuv You")

Sunday evening was spent making valentine's day cookies (I know the actual date was past, but alani & kyle wouldn't care) Much sugar, flour, sprinkles and very pink strawberry frosting all over the place. The frosting only made it to the I Love You hand signs and hearts. Koala bears must only be decorated with the red stuff.

Flew home Monday - no travel delays due to the weather. While we were waiting for my bags to show up at baggage claim, I mentioned to Karen that I had a tupperware full of cookies. Made sister very happy - she made sure that she got a bagful of cookies to take home. Did I mention that I've been making these cookies for my sisters since they were in high school? Two years ago Gayle nagged me for cookies using the argument that "Kyle has NEVER had an I WUV YOU koala bear cookie..."

Emailed Gayle Tuesday night that I had cookies. Wednesday afternoon there was a knock at my door. Gayle wanted cookies. *grin* Kids were sitting in the back seat, so I passed over tupperware and then remembered that I had t-shirts from Dallas and St. Louis for the kids. Ran back upstairs to get them. Meanwhile, Gayle and kids hadn't wasted any time. Alani happily was munching on koala's ear. Kyle was part way through the heart. And Gayle? She was part way through ears. Smiles all the way around. That's why I do cookies.
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