Debbie (debmats) wrote,

The lady at the lab is very nice - she just can't seem to find my veins on the first try. Even with a butterfly needle!!! I think I lucked out - no bruise on left arm - even though I felt her move the needle around. OUCH!

Definite bruise on the right arm. AND I get to go back to the lab to get another set of blood tests done NEXT Thursday. *sigh*

Back in the red tent... beware.

Sunday, trektone and I went gambling at Thunder Valley again. Next time? I'm going to Reno. I had fun - even had a nickel machine be very nice to me. Video poker was not cooperative at all. Quarter slots? Donate donate donate. *sigh* I don't think Joey had much luck either.

Later that night? Lined up Treasure Chest, wild, wild, wild, Treasure Chest.

500K points!!!

Neopoints that is. I was playing on the Neopets' Black Pawkeet Slots. Where was that luck on the real machine?? *sigh*

American Idol. DAMN YOU FOXY!!! Oy. Did not want Stevie to leave. Brenna can go home NOW.

Like Taylor. Like Elliot - there's something about him that reminds me of Seth Green. Smile?
Tags: friends, health

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