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Time to crawl into da hobbit hole...

Busy, busy, busy!!!

Most of Thursday was spent at Burlingame's City Hall. First testing of the disaster plan - payroll. We ran a full payroll cycle on the back up server. For the most part, things ran well. Had to document what went well and what didn't. 2nd testing is set for February 28th.

Thursday night, Foxy and I saw Cirque du Soliel's Corteo. We had front row seats!!! There were a few times when we thought that we'd have a performer or two land in our laps. (not that it would have been a bad thing!!!) Foxy got picked on by the ribbon dancer. *g* She kept swirling that ribbon all around him! Loved the acrobats and the bouncing beds - it was really cool to watch them flip from the bed to the rod iron bed rail - balancing on one foot and all! Back flips! Want the soundtrack.

Friday, indigorogue flew in for a weekend visit. She, Foxy & I took lilacfairy to Amarin (Thai food) for Lee's 4th birthday dinner celebration.

Saturday, had mickey mouse waffles for breakfast. I went to the gym while Foxy slaved over the stove to make his infamous chocolate mousse. Lots of hand whipping... I don't own an electric mixer *weg* We went to the Indian buffet for lunch. Picked up Lee after work and we spent the afternoon at Dark Carnival. We were baaad. =)

Saturday night, went to a filksing hosted by Bob Kanefsky - he of the evil parody fame. Neither Lee nor 'leena had ever been to filksing before. In her memory, there were lots of songs by Cynthia McQuillin. Very cool. Enjoyed hearing trektone sing. =)

Sunday, there was bacon. Ole's brunch - 'leena had not been there before. As we left the decision to 'leena as to what we'd do - we ended up at Ikea and Costco. Sightseeing of a different variety. I was bad and did buy new dvd/video racks.

Lots of munchings and crunchings - salami & 3 types of cheeses, grapes, onion dip and pringles and Zachary's pizza. Followed by chocolate orgasmic mousse and a plum dessert wine called Plum Loco. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...
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