Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Theatreworks 06-07 Season

herefox and I went to Theatreworks' 06-07 season preview. Everything sounded very intriguing - so we're going to go ahead and renew. I am especially looking forward to Dessa Rose. The bits they played sounded great!

  • Vanities (musical)

  • Brooklyn Boy

  • M. Butterfly (with Francis Jue!) - this will be playing around WorldCon if anybody's interested

  • Dessa Rose (a new musical from the people who brought you Ragtime!!!)

  • The Learned Ladies of Park Avenue

  • TBA - should find out in the next month or two

  • Trying

  • Folies (musical - more Sondheim - oh Noah!!!!)

Had dinner at Fiesta del Mar and then a quick trip to Safeway for tomorrow's dinner. More American Idol auditions *sigh*... Can't wait until they get to the actual competition.

S got a job in Sonoma which means that G has da kiddies 24/7. K & I will be pitching in to pick up the kids from school. I think my Wednesday schedule will change to 7:30 to 4pm and I'll be working an extra hour on Mondays.
Tags: family, friends, theatreworks

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