Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Guess I've been putting off recycling cans for a long time. I know I rebagged a bunch of them in August and it's now, February???

Turns out I had 104 pounds of aluminum cans - probably 99% diet pepsi. Oy.

I've completed my first .NET/Host via Redback application. I've done the Redback side and I've done some of the .NET front end (and much more using SQL). It was a joy when the light bulb went off and things made sense - how to access the Host financial system and have it meld with the .NET web stuff. I had been missing the "how do Redback and .NET talk to each other".

Tonight is diner & movie night with da kiddies. Wonder what we'll be watching? Had a chance to go see Hoodwinked with them, but didn't feel like seeing the movie.

I've been inspired from watching those "clean sweep" or getting organized programs, so I'm in a purging mode. Have a box full of books which need a new home - will post the titles later to see if anybody is in the mood to adopt.
Tags: family, misc, work

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