Debbie (debmats) wrote,

It was windy again last night. Felt like something was wrong, but nothing my tired brain could figure out. Watching 6 episodes of Witch Hunter Robin after a show plus a long day at work - well, that might be why my brain wasn’t working too well. Looked on the back porch this morning and found my wind chimes on the ground. Took a quick look and realized that the hanging cord had been cut - again. Definitely bite marks.

Damn squirrels up to no good again.

There’s one family of mischievous squirrels who live in the apple tree. . The 3 kids are always up to something that they’re not supposed to be and they’re totally fearless – even Chopper, the big Akita on the back porch has had problems with them. Sam, the grey tabby next door says that robins are thinking of reprisals. The squirrels like to party at night and when they and their firends get into the fermented apples, watch out. Dancing on the roof and throwing bags of aluminum cans at 3am.. Sometimes Harry the calico joins in and leaves calling cards, so I have to be careful where I step. Ick ick ick.

I’ve got to figure out a way to attach the cord to the patio roof where they can’t get to it.
Tags: rabbit hole

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