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Tonight, Foxy and I had a quick dinner at Togo's (had a #16 yummm... Hi ellayn!) Then we went to see Theatreworks' A Clean House. I enjoyed, but I can't really explain why I enjoyed it. A mixture of laughter and tears and just plain weirdness.

I watched another 6 episodes of Witch Hunter Robin. I just finished episode 18. Two more discs to go... Want more...

Last night, trektone and I went back to the Korean restaurant Seoul Gom Tang II for dinner. Love the soft tofu and seafood in a "mild" broth. Mild. Right. I hate to see what Hot is like. Probably would end up erupting like Mt. Vesuvius... It sure helped clear out my sinuses. Lovely chat as usual.
Tags: anime, friends, theatreworks
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