Debbie (debmats) wrote,

COSine - Part II

Alarm went off around 8:10am. Lots of groans from both beds. Snooze. Angie finally gave in and got up first. Out the door by 9:15. Knocked on Elaine & Thuy's room, but didn't hear anything. We ended up joining Elaine at the breakfast buffet.

10am - GOH interview - There are many people out there with questions about Theo, other myself. And they got the same "no answer" as I have in the past. *hee* This time it wasn't a character interview. Fun.

Went back to the lounge to start setting stuff up. I think we were all running in first gear. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz... We went to Sam's Club, local grocery store, Radio Shack and hobby shop for party stuff. Had an enjoyable lunch at Mimi's (French Bistro chain - favorite of Angie's). Basically, we were up to no good and having fun.

This is the second trip where I forgot to pack socks. *sigh* Well, Thuy forgot to pack socks too, so we ended up splitting a 6 pack of socks from Sam's Club.

Checked out the dealer's room and the art show. Was very tempted by cartoon of a worried dragon holding onto a bouquet of balloons called "Parrols of Flight". Somebody needs a spellchecker. Not very much in the dealer's room, except for some gorgeous beaded necklaces...oooh...

5pm - book raffle and author signings. 10 piles of books - most by GOH and local authors. Each winner got to pick a pile of books. I won one and so did Angie. Actually, if Angie had bought 10 tickets instead of 5, she would have won 3 times instead of just once. *g*. I won books by Rebecca Lickiss, Wil McCarthy, John Stith, Holly Snider and was able to get them all signed! I was especially happy because I like Rebecca Lickess' books and I had neglected to bring my books from home. That was fun!

Dinner at the hotel restaurant - they had a $12.95 prime rib dinner. It was pretty good. Meat! Every once in a while... Glad I got the baked potato - Elaine & Thuy didn't like the mashed potatoes.

Party! People were there at exactly 9:30pm. We were a little behind because we hadn't gotten out of the restaurant until 9:20? There was only one server for all the tables.

Didn't have to worry about ice this party - we had left all the sodas on the balcony (high for the day was 30 something degrees). Room was pretty packed all evening. Was able to chat with Sarah from the list! People had fun putting together the lizard jigsaw puzzle. Star Gate crew enjoyed the See's candy. Burt sat quietly in the corner.

Finally closed the party down around 12:30ish??? Elaine, Angie, Janet, Sarah and I chatted for about an hour more? Thuy was reading on the bed? Blur... Took most of the leftovers down to the consuite.
Tags: cosine, friends, liaden

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