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COSine - Part I


Yup home. Hello Ripley's? There were no problems either going or returning while flying on America West. Little things - yes - like no working toilet on the flight from Phoenix to Colorado Springs (90 minute flight) and coming in late from Colorado Springs and having to rush to get to my gate (came in at terminmal B and had to go to terminal A2) just in time for boarding. Nothing horrible like the trip from Balticon or the trip coming home from NYC.

The toilet problem was bad for the very pregnant lady, who had to deplane, rush back to the terminal, use the toilet and reboard. They would not hold the flight for her if she didn't get back in time.

Got into Colorado Springs Friday afternoon, called for hotel pick up and just enjoyed the very crisp air outside while I was waiting. The snowstorm of the night before had left everything covered with 4 inches or more of snow. Loved how very bright blue the sky looked and just how pretty everything was. As there was just one lone passenger, I got to ride in front and had very a nice chat with the shuttle driver. He pointed out Pike's Peak and other sights and we chatted a bit about baseball and the upcomming Broncos playoff game.

Quickly checked into the hotel, settled into my room - took me about 15 minutes max. I had brought my swimsuit just in case, but the swimming pool was under snow.

Went to registration and picked my con badge and program - happy hellos to kinzel & rolanni.

Quick trip to the 7/11 across street for diet pepsi for me and pepsi for Steve.

The first panel - "Characterization through dialog" with Sarah Hoyt, Sharon Lee (mod), Steve Miller, Carrie Vaughn. Panelists discuss how dialog helps (or hurts) characterization and plot development in short stories and novels. - a very enjoyable discussion.

Stayed for second one - "She kisses him and… " with Rebecca Lickiss, Pamela Potter (mod), Dan Hoyt, Theresa Crater, Elaine Normandy. Panelists discuss the balance of romance in the non-romance fiction genres. That one seemed to go off tangent and never quite answered the original premise.

Had a quick dinner at the hotel restaurant - chicken bbq with boiled potatoes and over boiled veggies. Salad bar was small but fresh and the clam chowder was good.

Opening Ceremonies followed by “Ice Cream without Rocket Scientists” - short and sweet opening ceremonies - intro of GOH and then fun with liquid nitrogen!!! Two quarts of half and half, two quarts of whipping cream (it may have been only milk???), vanilla and two cups sugar. Mix well and then pour in the liquid nitrogen. Be very careful. Mary Morman put on a very enjoyable "demo" with her many "not blond" assistants. Kids (of all ages) were fascinated as pennies were dumped in pile and covered with liquid nitrogen. Then we all watched as Robin Monogue wacked the pennies with a hammer. The new pennies (1983 and older) shattered into bits due to the zinc content. T'was very cool (pun not intended).

All were invited to take a bit of wacked penny as a souvenir. Steve commented that my nephew would probably have lots fun with liquid nitrogen. Nope, well,yes he would, but not yet. Kyle has no fear. Leap first, oops after.

I tried the chocolate ice cream - it was good.

Went downstairs afterwards and saw lady in bright pink parka getting her con registration. T'was unwritten_words, my roomie. Woo! It took me a bit to recognize her.

Dropped off her stuff and then we went back to the ice cream social so she could try some liquid nitrogen ice cream.

Kept Angie company while she had dinner at the hotel restaurant. She was smarter than I and had a sandwich rather than the chicken bbq.

Went back to the room and yakked while we wait for ellayn and swedishsis to arrive from Salt Lake City. They arrived safely around midnight. Went across to Denny's for yet another dinner. =) Went back to Elaine & Thuy's room (aka the Lizard Lounge) and yakked some more. I think we made it bed by 2am.

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