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This morning, I dialed in to change my voice message and it was a just weird hearing Bats' voice. "You have reached the voice mail system for the City of..." I guess he'll always be there until we get a new voice mail system.

Lots of people at Bats' funeral last Saturday. They were able to have an open casket viewing before hand, which surprised me. Catholic mass - lots of standing and sitting. His daughter has grown so much - haven't seen her in years. She did a scripture reading. His 3 brothers did the eulogy - family resemblence was very strong - startling even. His oldest brother was not able to speak and just said "I can't".

His next older brother talked about how Bats had dropped everything to fly all the way to Cambodia to be his best man and had wow'd all the in-laws. Even before this happened, it had been decided to name Bats' soon to be born nephew after him.

One of the flower arrangements was the "bat signal" in yellow mums and something very dark - not black, maybe deep purple or blue?
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