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I think I've got my room reserved for Consonance. I tried to call in house reservations at 11:30am and they were all out to lunch. I left my name and number. Did get a call back at 3pm. Lady kept saying March 2nd and I kept saying March 3rd. I hope she got it right. *sigh*

Do have my room booked for WorldCon. I'm being brave (or insane) - supposedly the room has a lanai - on the party floor.

Went to Redwood City's Safeway deli for lunch yesterday. Ordered a sandwich and jambalaya soup. Waited for sandwich, and waited. Guy after me was long gone, as were 3 more people. Finally asked clerk if my sandwich had gotten lost. It had. She apologized and comped me on the soup. Two different Safeways, two different reactions. Thanks to the understanding clerk! Oh, and because I'd bought 7 sandwiches in the past, the sandwich was comped too...

Last Thursday, trektone, singular_girl, and herefox went to see Lestat: The Musical. I have not seen the movie nor read Lestat or Inteview With a Vampire - so I had no clue.

The first half basically dragged. Lestat was whiney and I felt like hitting him with a baseball bat. The whole back graphics got annoying after a while - yes the first vampire kiss with all the flashing lights and pictures was cool, but it got boring. How many times do we have to watch as the blood goes down the fiery esophagus? I've seen stuff like that in real life, and once was enough! Did have to ask Foxy about the relationship of Lestat and Gabrielle...

The second half rocked! I did love both of Claudia's songs, though while she was singing her "I Want" song, I kept hearing Veruka Salt's "I Want It Now" song in the back of my head.

The ending was a bit melodramatic - sort of felt like the (not in a good way) the ghost scene from Les Mis or the Circle of Life from Lion King. I can't remember who said it, but it was then christened "The Circle of Death" and some bad filk bits came to mind.

Saturday night, got together with K, G & the kids for j-food and movies. Sunday I watched the kids while K & G went through the storage units looking for stuff which got packed away by mistake. Also they moved G's stuff out of my unit into hers. Kids and I went to the park - Alani has discovered the joys of swinging very high and Kyle loves twisting the chain around and around and then pushing off and spinning every which way. =)

lilacfairy and I had her birthday dinner number two at Chin's - she's never eaten crab out of the shell before. It's messy, but fun =)

Went to see Chronicles of Narnia again - I think she's another one where we always go to the movies as part of her birthday celebration.
Tags: consonance, family, friends, musicals

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