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Today's rants

< rant on >
The new Safeway at Southshore is beautiful and all, but their Deli department needs work. This is the 4th time I've gone in there to get something from the Deli. I have only managed to get something ONCE because I got tired of waiting. Hey supervisor!!!! If you've got 15 people in line at 7:30pm, and only one lone clerk, but you've got your other clerks cleaning then you get pissed off customers. I just want my pint of salad and I don't want to hear about the two of you arguing about overtime and such. Really. I know it's possible to arrange scheduling because I've been in other Safeways - and the Deli section is much better run.
< / rant off >

I'm feeling very grumpy (foxy, beware). It's probably a good thing that I think I'm pms'ing and have decided not to write complaint.

I tried to make a room reservation at the Consonance hotel today - first I got transferred to another booking company and the lady insisted that there was no such convention as Consonance. I finally repeated the hotel name, and she said "oops". I called the hotel back and asked for "inside reservation" and was told that they were closed for the holiday. I have never heard of the reservation desk to be closed because of a holiday. *grump*


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Jan. 17th, 2006 05:35 pm (UTC)
I worked in the deli at Wegmans back home and got *spoiled*. They have the best selection I've ever seen, and even on Sunday mornings or holidays the line was never 15 deep. Yikes.

I despise Safeway's deli. The selection sucks, and every single store I've been in, the counter people sucked too. They seriously need new management for that department.

Also, having a hotel reservation desk closed for the holiday is absurd. They are dimwits. I hope you get it straightened out.
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