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In Memory of Mike Batsford 1964-2006

I've known and worked with Bats since 1994. He always had a smile and was known for his quirky sense of humor and his crazy Halloween costumes. He also made a mean pot of spicy chicken tortilla soup. He was very patient in teaching me how to do PC repair/installation stuff. Programmers back then got to learn a bit of everything. Though I did surprise him when I still managed to short out the pentium replacement chip. (I was grounded, stood on an anti-static mat, had one of those anti-static bracelets on)

In an IT group of less than 7 people at the time, it was always sort of weird to have somebody who shared the same birthday.

He was on his way to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and was killed in a motorcycle accident.

He leaves behind an 18 year old daughter who has been playing around with networks since she was 8 (maybe even younger).

He will be missed.
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