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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!!

Wishing y'all a happier and less stressful 2006.

2005 was definitely a very hard year for many people. Lots of adjustments. "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger". Yup. Definitely. I've learned about lots of stuff this year, lots of it bad, but the end of 2005 has been better- the outlook much brighter.

Friday was a day of sisterly bonding. K & I went to San Jose J-town for the usual groceries for New Year's. Last year I tried using the frozen veggies - all prepared and just throw into pot. Yes, having the taro root already cleaned and peeled was lovely, but it wasn't worth the loss of taste. (I didn't use the mixed veggies for last new year's, just the taro root) I have to be careful when I peel taro because the stuff makes my hand itch.

Dobashi Market is closing on January 15th. *sniff* Now I have to find a convenient place to do my japanese grocery shopping. I know I can go to San Francisco, but I really don't like SF's j-town.

Picked up taro, daikon, ita konnyaku, takana, kyuri, renkon, bamboo shoot, kamaboko (green with bear paws, white with cherry blossoms). Had a quick lunch at a new restaurant (Sushi Mart). T'was good - grilled saba and tempura.

Dropped of the groceries and then picked up G and we went to see HP:GoF. Yay! No projector problems. We all enjoyed it very much. Between the three of us - the large popcorn disappeared BEFORE the movie even started. Scary.

Dinner was Burger Fling. S dropped off the kids and we watched Polar Express.

Saturday - K's birthday! We were all supposed to go to the chapel, but Kyle had a melt down and Alani was grouchy, so just K & I went. Afterwards, we went to Best Buys so I could return Kyle's duplicate presents. K bought me MY birthday/Chirstmas present (remember it was her birthday). I am now the proud owner of an IPOD. Yay! Picked up a bunch of accessories - wireless transmitter for the car, car/ac adapter/charger and a case. Oy. I figure the first "major" usage will be on the plane trip to COSine.

Took K to the movies - she chose Brokeback Mountain. We both enjoyed very much. She said it was worth seeing all that scenery on the big screen. All the more, I want to go camping.

K's birthday dinner was take out veggie biryani & bhindi masala and G made leg of lamb roast, gravy, rice and asparagus. G & the kids made a funfetti vanilla cake and had spent the afternoon decorating it with colored sugar. There was a bit splat of yellow in the middle of the cake - somebody had not realized you were supposed to sprinkle the sugar, not pour.

I spent a couple of hours making the traditional oshogatsu food. I still hate peeling taro root. I was afraid the broth was too salty/strong, but veggies came out pretty good according to K & G. K & I toasted the new year with dp for me and hot water for her. Oy. We're such party animals.

New Year's morning was very low key. Kids had cereal, though Kyle did have ONE black bean for luck. K, G & I had the good luck soup with mochi and the oshogatsu food.

Went to cousins Mich & Dave's for their annual open house. Lots of food. Did chat a bit with Skip. This season has been hard for them - he says it's just getting through each holiday for the first time without Doug. We didn't stay too long - we went to the 3:50pm showing of Narnia. Turns out that K was the only one who hadn't seen it. We all enjoyed it - the kids sat through the entire movie without much squirming. (only during the scary parts!) Quick dinner at "old macdonald's" as Alani calls it. Narnia toys in the Happy Meals. Alani joyfully showed each of us her White Queen figurine. The guy at the next table chuckled as she jumped up to show us all. Cute fold out "room" came with each toy - Alani had the throne room with the dungeon; Kyle had the beaver's house . As a kid, I loved those fold out rooms.

Managed to get lost on the way home. Blossom Hill Road goes on for a very LONG time. *sigh* Like to Los Gatos or something. Ended up calling Skip and told him that where we were at and how the heck did we get back to a freeway.

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