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What is this white stuff falling from the skies?

Currently debating on whether to let meowing cat out of fwishy's room. He's picked up a cold and isn't feeling well - he's sleeping and I don't want to wake him up. I think he's at the point I was a couple of week ago.

After pulling an all nighter, I managed to get myself to the airport at 4am Friday morning. I think the cabbie either was not familiar with the backroad to the airport (doolittle drive) or he was falling asleep.

Slept on the first leg of the the journey - Oakland to Dallas/Fort Worth. There must be planes faster than this - it takes 3 1/2 hours. Had an hour delay because St. Louis was fogged in (low cloud cover?) Arrived in St. Louis around 4pm and got teased by fwish about the size of suitcase. I would have brought small suitcase except that I had read on the weather page that there was going to be something called *snow* and that *EXTRA WARM COAT* might be a necessity. Okay, my warm coat is calf length and a very warm wool/cashmere blend and it weighs a ton. *g* It would probably take up the entire space of my small suitcase all by itself.

We went to dinner at a new Japanese place called Seiki Sui(??)with Ericka and Greg. Was good - had anime playing on several tv screens; clear glass waterfall at entrance and had lots of sushi, tempura and plum wine. Yum. Ericka and I received white roses from waiter at dinner's end. Go us! *grin* Happy Valentine's Day

After lots of plum wine, we did the smart thing and headed off to a martini bar called Absolutli Goosed. Ericka, Greg & Fwish have been going to this place since it opened and love it. T'was interesting *g* Ordered something that tasted like liquid chocolate cake with a kick. Tried Ericka's red thingy(tasted like koolaid); Kev's blue one tasted like chocolate mint and Greg's chocolate with whipped cream that had some weird name like "pussy galore????" I don't want to know *g*

Saturday, was feeling very very lazy. Slept until noon (well it was 10am my time, so I guess it wasn't quite that bad) Off to a coffee shop for quick breakfast - had a yummy currant scone and hot chai. Then off to various shops to pick up liquor for friend's party. Saw a couple of different types of Rosenblum wines in the wine & cheese store. Go Home Town! *g*

Went to dinner at an Italian place called I Fratelli. Was all set to order Risotto, but that night's special was veggie - non seafood. WAH! Had a lovely seafood linquini instead. Kev had the swordfish with an orange saffron sauce. Me was bad and made da fwish order the chocolate mousse torte so that I could eat most of it.

Off to kev's friends Jen & Naomi for a make your own martini party. It was amazing. Dining room table was filled with lots and lots booze - several martini shakers and books of recipes. I made one called chocolate covered cherry (cabana boy cherry rum, godiva white chocolate liquor and creme du cacao) Was good. Tasted many others, but it was spread over a whole evening, so this one did not get soused or wasn't forced to sleep under table. Played cranium - was a bit difficult with number of people (lots). Would like to try it in less crazed conditions.

Kev had to go scrap ice and clear car from that strange white stuff before we could go home. Almost ended up slip sliding away down hill on way to car. Strange scrunching sounds while walking. On drive home, got to watch cars doing weird things due to strange white stuff. Got home safely and chatted until almost 3am

White stuff falling from skies this morning. Sat on window seat and watched. Very peaceful.

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