Debbie (debmats) wrote,

OOOH! a package was on my doorstep tonight! Thank you Diney! I've been wanting Geometry for Dummies for a long time. The only reason I got a B in Geometry is that the teacher knew I worked hard. Nothing ever clicked. I'd get the hard problems correct for all the wrong reasons. It made me nuts! More spoiling - lush soap and the Delirium cd! yay!

I opened up the rest of my presents late Christmas evening - thank you Reesa (I love the song "Sisters"), Mat (pity anybody listening while I sing on the freeway), and Tammy (Charmed! yay!).

Kev - thank you - I wore the earrings along with the necklace on Christmas and have already read the Grimoire. =)

Almost forgot - Christmas Eve, we had j-food for dinner. Kyle is currently hooked on negihama (yellowtail tuna & green onion sushi). After dinner, K & I took the kids up to Christmas Tree Lane and ooh'd and aah'd over all the sparkley lights and decorations. Alani kept pointing and saying "Look! Look!"
Tags: christmas, family, friends

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