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1pm and all is well...

So, I had everything wrapped by 6:45am and made it to K's by 6:55am. (loading up the car took a few minutes). Quietly opened the door and "not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse"! Slapped a bow on each present and stuffed them under the already packed tree. Most of the stockings were stuffed too, except for Karen's, but I took care of that. Ended up with wee piles underneath each stocking, same thing happens every year. Got rid of the bags and box that I had brought all the stuff over with and then, hearing the stretching noises of one small boy, I plopped myself on the couch and pretended to sleep.

Was "awakened" by kiss and a hug from small boy. "Merry Christmas!!!"

He was soooooo excited. Kyle & Alani had made sugar cookies the day before and had left a plate for Santa. He looked at the cookie plate and saw that only a little bit of a sugar cookie was left. There was a NOTE!!! From SANTA!!!

Dear Kyle and Alani,
Thank you!


p.s. Yummy cookies!

OOOOH one very excited and happy little boy!!!

Alani soon woke up. She ate the last of Santa's cookie and we curled up for a snuggle while we waited for everybody else to wake up. Kyle was all for waking everybody else up. They both were exclaiming over what they could see sticking out of their stockings - little animals, a bit of candy... Then they looked at the presents under the tree - there were a lot more presents now then there had been when they had gone to bed. Santa had come!

Karen was up next. Then Gayle. Finally Steve. He's lucky we didn't let the kids have their way and go jump on him to wake him up.

We made it to 8:30am. Kids had wrapping paper everywhere!

Usually we do breakfast and then open presents, but that's no longer option. Gayle made a veggie frittata and cottage potatoes. Bacon! Kids had pancakes. Steve's dad joined us, so the kids had a nice visit with grandpa.

Have to be back at K's around 3ish - dinner will be at cousins' place in San Mateo.

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