Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Quick belated shout out to:

indigorogue - Thank you! Will soak and think of you. See you in February.

undinesprite - Thank you for the Nightstalker dvd and the Serenity book (lots of pretty pics!!!)

mat_t - I'm being good. Your prezzie is unopened even though I had to retape the sides closed. I think amazon's glue stick was not working well when they did the wrapping.

Monday night, Karen & I went to Toys R Us. We waited until after 8pm - crowd was not too bad. With the kids' wishlist in hand (Kyle's phonetic spelling and all), we spent two hours going up and down the aisles - looking for big and small prezzies. Kyle wanted yet another light saber - in fact there were 3 more sabers on his wishlist. Got Count Dooku's. Alani got the MLP Butterfly play set. Rainbow slide and pool. She also wants lots of "prten" doggies, horsies and piggies. It took me forever to figure out that "prten" was "pretend".

Tuesday night, Foxy went all out and made chicken parmigiana with noodles. Yum. Ooh and cookies too. Watched 3 more episodes of Charmed and two games of KR.

Tonight, Joycie and I went to Angelfish - a new Japanese fusion restaurant in Alameda. She'd won a gift certificate which would expire on the 23rd. About the only thing that she could eat was chicken teriyaki - the rest was fish related =)

Then we went to Best Buys and Borders. Much shopping. I'm pretty much done now except for the stocking stuffers. Cost Plus and Costco are in my shopping future.

Picked up my Serenity DVD!!!
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