Debbie (debmats) wrote,

This week has suddenly become very, very busy.

Yesterday, I had dinner with Kyle, Alani & G - Acapulco. Spent a bit of time playing with da kiddies and trying to decipher their Xmas wish lists. Kyle spells the way he hears the word "Stor Wors" I pretty much figured out. It was all words which followed that phrase that I couldn't figure out. He was kind enough to write Alani's wishes down and I'm totally lost. "phoenies" - that may be pony. It may have been plushie too. (I have trouble with some of his letters). When I asked G what the kids wanted, she told me to go read their lists. I tried, then I told her to email me the "english translation".

Work was crazy today, one fire after another. Didn't get anything I wanted to get done except for my time card =).

Foxy & I did have a relaxing soak at Watercourse Way, followed by a burger dinner at the Peninsula Diner.

Tomorrow is the usual dinner at Foxy's, probably followed by some KR. He said to beware - he used 3 different types of peppers in the curry paste.

Wednesday is a Bare Naked Ladies Concert (now what do they sing again?) with trektone, keker and singular_girl.

Thursday is a hurry up and get home after work and take a nap until 1:30am followed by a 2am Friday departure to DISNEYLAND. Ron's 50th birthday party! We should be at the main gate when it opens. Oy.

Sunday, I'm kidnapping ame_chan and family for brunch. Cafe Laurent maybe???
Tags: disneyland, friends

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