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Oops, forgot one winery. Some time, some where in our Friday's exploration of Napa's wineries, Joey & I went to Clos du Val. It was interesting to try a just poured cabernet sauvignon with one that had been decanted and aerated. In fact, the gentleman not only swirled the top shaped decanter, but he let it roll around on the counter. I kept wanting to grab it - but it never got close to the edge.

In all, I came home with 8 bottles of wine. Where the heck am I going to put them? I think that there will soon be a wine giveaway...

Today, Liz & I went up to Calistoga Spa Hot Springs for a very relaxing spa day. Had a guilty pleasures MacDonald's breakfast - Breakfast burritos! Investigated spot where I got pulled over on Friday and did now note the sign and will never be bad there again. Promise.

Got to the spa around 11:30 and promptly soaked in the jacuzzi (105F) for a bit. Did several laps in the coolish lap pool (83F) and then back into the jacuzzi. Soaked in the large soaking pool (100F) too. Basically went from pool to pool until it was time for our massages.

This time I lucked out and got Otto as my massage therapist. Otto has been working in Calistoga since 1947 which means he's probably in his 80's! A very gentle man - sort of Yoda-ish. =) I wouldn't want to get on his bad side though. Very, very strong. I was feeling very noodle-ish by the end, though I don't think I fell asleep this time - came very close though. He also made the comment that I either did some physical work or worked out. Yeah Cult Gym!!!!

We decided that food was definitely needed - it was closer to 2:30pm by this time. We had lunch at the Italian trattoria Bosko's. Very mellow. I had the caesar salad followed by gnocchi with portobello mushrooms & sausage in a tomato cream sauce. Liz had the house salad and the seafood fettuccine. Gnocchi are always so dense, so I ended up having the rest of it for dinner tonight.

Did a bit of shopping before heading back.

Definitely getting into the Christmas spirit - we sang Christmas songs all the way home.
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