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This year's See's Candy order/distribution went much smoother than last year's. It took just over two hours to inventory, fill orders and then deliver them to people's desks. I seem to enjoy the entire process. I am strange, I know. =)

Saw the 10:25pm showing of Rent with herefox, toob, mut and jakebe. I enjoyed it very much. Thankfully I remembered to grab some napkins - certain parts of the movie had me in tears - just like the play. Got home around 2am and was bouncing off the walls. I did get about 4 hours of sleep.

Friday morning, I did the gym thing, and then trektone and I went to Napa for some wine tasting. Omens... On the drive up, a motorcycle cop zipped passed me, lights and sirens blazing. He did the zig zag thing to slow down traffic. Saw a 33 gallon plastic garbage can in the middle of the road. He leaned down to try and grab it... and missed. He then had to park the bike, and walk back over and pick it up. Oh well.

Later, while Joey and I were busy discussing Rent, I saw two cars start to merge, so I moved over the left lane to give them space and lo and behold, one of the cars turned on the lights and ... pulled me over!!!! Apparrently I had switched lanes after there was a sign that said not to switch lanes. What sign? Oy. This was only the second time in my 28 years of driving that I've ever been pulled over. The officer (sheriff?) had said that there had been some bad accidents around that area and they were enforcing the no lane change and that it technically was an unsafe lane change. Oy. He let me off with a warning. Talk about adrenaline. I showed Joey that my hands were shaking. Ugh.

I was paranoid for the rest of the day.

We had brunch at the Boonfly Cafe - it was very tasty! I had the hash with eggs and peppers and it was delicious. Had a bite of Joey's breakfast burrito - yum! And then there were the mini donuts. Double yum =) Took us a bit to find the restaurant - lots and lots of construction at the Carneros Inn.

We went to Niebaum-Coppola first. Joey was looking for more Star Wars wine. The on-line catalog had some available, but the winery itself did not.

Next stop - V. Sattui's where I managed to get the last bottle of the dry muscat. Go Me! Much thanks to Lillia - she told me that there was one bottle left in the Member's Cellar and to ask John for it. =) Picked up a couple of regular muscats and a couple of off dry rieslings.

Spent a pleasant hour at Arger-Martucci's. Joey was able to speak at length with the knowledgeable Katarina. She was nice enough to let us try the grape juice that will eventually become Topaz dessert wine. Wow!

Miner Family Vineyards next. They use the stemless riedel glasses for tastings. Didn't buy anything there, but got several recommendations from the staff as to which places had great dessert wines.

Spent a lot of at Robert Sinskey Vineyards. Not only did they have some lovely wines, but they had delicious munchies too - duck & mushroom won tons anyone? Yum! A bit on the expensive side for tastings, but you do get your money back if you buy at least two bottles of wine. I did get a bottle of the 1999 Vineyard Reserve. Joey ended up with 3 bottles plus one "mystery" grab bag - which turned out to be a half bottle of the Vineyard Reserve.

Last winery stop - Darioush. Gorgeous site. The owner had imported all the marble from his homeland of Iran. Tried and liked most of their wines, but I only bought a bottle of the merlot & the cabernet sauvignon. Joey managed to buy only two bottles of the dessert wine but he been thinking about buying MORE.

One final stop - J V Wine & Spirits. Huge store with a variety of wines and spirits. On Friday nights, from 5-7pm, they have tastings hosted by a specific winemaker/representative. T'was funny, Joey managed to make an impression on a few people there the last time he went there and he was "recognized". =) They even remembered what he had been interested in... Did make it out of there with a bottle of port - an Aussie one called Galway Pipes. We'll see.

We had dinner at Daimo's. Crab!!!! Garlic crab and chili crab. YUM!!! Had rice, duck and shiitake mushrooms & mustard greens.

Got home and went ker-thunk.

Today, G made off with my car - she, her friend Jim, Kyle & Alani went out to a Christmas tree farm in Castro Valley to cut down a tree. They needed the van because of the roof rack and the fact that Jim's truck did not have shoulder harnesses in the back seat.

So, I walked up the cult gym. Afterwards, I walked to Longs and picked up my meds and then stopped by Books Inc to look for a present for my secret santa victim. All I know is that he likes cars. I have until Monday to figure out what I'm getting him. Oy. Lee was working, so when she got off work at 1pm, we had lunch at Tomatinos. I think we were both craving salads, because we just about licked the plates clean. I had the spaghetini with clams and she had the rigatoni with sausage. We both were very happy with our choices.

Walked back home, dropped off the leftovers and then walked over to K's so I could get my car. I timed it just right- the tree was up and decorated. =) Spent some time with the kids =)

Tomorrow, Liz & I are going to Calistoga Spa Hot Springs for an afternoon of splash splash and massage. Yay!
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