Debbie (debmats) wrote,

M-i-c k-e-y M-o-u-s-e

Finally made my hotel reservation for Ron's 50th Birthday Bash at Disneyland! Nothing like waiting until almost the last minute. The planner in me is cringing.

I'll be part of a caravan which will be leaving Alameda around 2am on Friday, December 16th. I think this is the third time that I'm going to Disneyland to celebrate one of his birthdays (30th, 40th and now 50th), though I'm not sure that we went specifically for his 30th. I believe it was more of a celebration of Laura's 3rd birthday than his 30th.

I know that Joycie, Ron, Laura, Wes and Jenny will be going. I think Nancy's going. Joyce & family will be staying through Monday. I'm coming home on Sunday. Maybe I'll do a bit of shopping on the way back.

Tomorrow is going to be fun. Over 250 pounds of See's candy will be delivered and I get to sort them and fill orders. The City has once again qualified for its yearly quantity discount.

Tomorrow night, I'm going to see Rent with herefox and toob.

Friday is wine day with trektone!!!
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