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Please light a candle and send healing thoughts to my friend Sony & her family. Baby Naomi's birth mother changed her mind and so Naomi has gone back to her birth mother.

Thank you.

I too am occupying the Red Tent. Beware

The sad Kyle got his wish and we spent all of Friday together. Picked him up at noon and we went to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch. I do like the fact that you can't leave with a kid unless the hand stamps that you got on the way in match. Kyle had a blast playing games and coming back to the table with all the tickets he'd won. He snarfed down his pepperoni pizza and his sprite and was one happy camper.

Then we went next door to Toys R Us where, after much deliberation, he chose the build your own light saber kit. 3 "power crystals", red, green & blue light filters, two different kind of "swords", stuff to make 6 combinations of hilts... he was happy. He picked out a baby hamster toy for Alani (she thought they were soooo cute).

Next, da movies. He decided that he wanted to see Chicken Little over HP:GoF. He'd seen GoF with S on Wednesday. He enjoyed CL - I had to laugh at its Mamma Mia type moments - music would kick in and I'd laugh because I recognized it. Silly. The "Adam West" doing imitation of Bill Shatner superhero was short, but fun =)

Back to K's. Leftovers for dinner and then we watched Madagascar. Loved the Christmas Caper too. =)

Saturday, did the cult gym thing (4th month of 3 times a week!!!) and then picked up herefox at the airport. Dropped off his stuff and then went to the San Jose Harvest Festival (original arts & crafts). Got very tempted with some watercolor prints, but managed to talk myself out of them. Was not so successful at Richard Searles' booth - bought 6 cds...


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