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Thanksgiving prep

I found street parking in Chinatown and even paralled parked Eeyore! Sometimes it's the small things that make me very happy.

Bought 2 roast ducks, 60 char siu bow (to be steamed tomorrow), pork chow mein and dim sum lunch.

Things to do tonight:
  • For Mexican Dip:
    • wash and chop lettuce & tomatoes

  • For Spinach Pie:
    • Dice onions

  • Slice Salami

  • Slice Extra Sharp Cheddar

  • Make finger jello: orange, lime & strawberry-banana

  • For Veggie Platter:
    • Clean cherry tomatoes
    • Clean & cut up carrots
    • Clean radishes
    • Clean & slice cucumbers

  • Make onion dip

  • Make chipotle-garlic dip

Things to do tomorrow:
  • Make spinach pie - bake at K's

  • Throw together Mexican dip

  • Clean yams, chop into thick slices and boil

  • Plate finger jello

  • Pick up flowers

  • Get to K's by 10:30am

I think I need to be up by 7:30am...
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