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Woken up this morning by the blinky-blinky "12:00" of my alarm clock. Guess there had been a power outage - a short one, going by the analog kitchen clock. I can tell that I need to buy a bunch of nine volt batteries - one for each of my alarm clocks and one for the answering machine.

After a quick dinner at Acapulco, Foxy & I went to see GoF Friday night. We had fandango'd tickets for the 10:10pm show - which turned out to be the 10:40 show. Go figure. Turns out that they were running the film in two separate theatres at the same time. The projector had issues during the water bit. GRRRRRRRRR... I did really like the movie and more thoughts & spoilers later. I may go see it again on Friday with Kyle sweetums - unless Steve takes him to see it earlier. Then again, Kyle may want to see it again too?

Saturday morning, after a whole 3 hours of sleep, I dropped Foxy off at the airport, then went to the cult gym. Ran a few errands and then stopped by K & G's to exchange cars, G had borrowed the van to do the cub scouts food pick up - Kyle looks very handsome in his uniform. =)

K & I walked up to Encinal Market to pick up Pepperidge Farms cubed stuffing mix. Safeway was out. Then we drove down to San Jose and did some retail therapy in J-town. I definitely needed to hit Dobashi Market as I was out of dashi, funyu, tsukemono and other stuff.

Today, K & I are going to the Farmer's Market at BayFair. Buy some fresh veggies for Thanksgiving. Radishes, cucumbers... Maybe the tamale person will be there too...

Had been reading rolanni's lj this morning and her music choice is now stuck in my head!

I love to waltz MEOOW!
On a night like this
with stars in the skies...

This song was one of the ones Mom loved to play on the piano. =)
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