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Oy!!! Update for the past two weeks...

It's been busy. G & kids are comfortably settled in at K's. K's been in Hawaii the past week, so don't know how things are settling down. We'll see =)

Today, Foxy started out the day with brunch at Ole's. Bacon...

Then, we picked up Alex at his hotel and zoomed off to the Harvest Festival. Spent the entire day looking at lots of nifty stuff - I was good and actually didn't buy a whole lot - mostly food - bought lots of the garlic/chipotle dip mix! Did run into Joyce, Jenny & Joe Ann.

Stopped by G & K's - Alex got to meet Kyle and Alani. Alex, Sean & Kyle spent a good half an hour building the marbleworks raceway. Alani & G were outside doing some yard clean up - Alani has discovered the joy of jumping into a pile of leaves. =)

Picked Lee and then met up with Joey. Had dinner down at Elbe's in Palo Alto. Food was good - though we were the only people in the restaurant for a good while. Had a "Rhapsody in Blue" reisling with dinner. Loved the potato pancakes and sausages. Red cabbage, sauerkraut and hot potato salad were yummy. Shared the berry compote over ice cream with Foxy. Yum!

Yesterday, Alex, Joey & I went to Rosenblum's quarterly open house. Alex was fairly new to the whole wine tasting business, so Joey spent most of the afternoon educating us. I enjoyed their new chocolate port - Desiree =) Lee joined us after work and then we picked up Sean at the St. George's Open House. I got to taste some of the 20 year old pear brandy. T'was good, but I don't think I'd pay $200/bottle for it. (it was a fluke - they found a batch of the pear brandy somewhere).

Met Mat deer and friend hawthornecub for dinner after all. They drove from Sacto to Alameda and we had a lovely dinner to Luciano's. Yay!!! Haven't seen Mat since WorldCon last year. Had a short but sweet & silly visit. Much book geeking as usual. Really appreciate that Chris was nice enough to drive all way the down here and back again!

Lee went home, but Joey, Alex, Foxy & I yakked until midnight or so. Drank some Aria & Finklin port. T'was a demonstation of how a port could be open for a very long time (think more than year and probably closer to two) and still be drinkable. Not fantastic - but still okay =)

Last Friday, was a sibling bonding day. *weg*. G stopped by and I ended up taking her to the cult gym. She liked it a lot and is thinking about joining. Then we had lunch at Dimitra's. Later on that day, she,the kids and I had J-food, followed by the friday movie night. We saw Sharkboy and Lavagirl. I enjoyed it - t'was very cute. Alani and Baaa (her beanie baby lamb) and The Witch (folktoys puppet) all climbed into my lap and sat there through the whole movie. Had to wrap them all up in a blanket because Baaa and the Witch were cold.

Last Thursday, Foxy, Ferral and I played the new Karaoke Revolution all evening and probably set all the dogs in the complex howling... Love "Dust in the Wind". I tried "I Will Always Love You", but kept missing the notes. Ugh.

Last Wednesday was another chapter in Adventures in Hair

Lee & I picked up Alex at SFO Sunday night and then ended up at Applebee's for dinner.

I watched the kids all day a week ago Saturday while G worked.

A week ago Wednesday, Nancy and I ended up going to dinner at Kamakura's and catching up. We hadn't been out for dinner since her birthday last year.

Halloween - Took two hours to get home from work, but the kids were waiting and I took them trick or treating. Had to teach Kyle some of the finer points of trick or treating. Only go to the houses where the porch lights were on. Only ring the doorbell ONCE!!! Even if you can see the person, if they aren't going to answer the door, they are not going to answer the door, so do NOT RING THE DOORBELL AGAIN! Don't forget to say THANK YOU. Alani wanted the candy, but had been scared by a skeleton at one of the houses, so she was pretty much done before we'd gone more than two blocks. Here's a picture my Christmas Belle and Ghost Pirate...

Halloween 2005 Halloween 2005

Kyle & Alani - Halloween 2005

Kids went home with Steve, so K,G & I went to dinner at Denny's. More sister bonding.
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