Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Adventures in Hair...

I haven't had the patience with Lush's caca de noir henna. I guess I have too many white hairs and the henna is not hiding them. I think I'd have to henna my hair several times in a week to get anywhere and I just don't have the time or patience.

So... back to L'Oreal's Feria brand of hair color. Last time, I tried "Starry Night" - very, very black because I wanted the sapphire blue highlights that Faith got when she used it. I ended up with very black hair. Blue didn't really show at all because I don't have patches of white - they're just all over. *wah*!!!.

This time, I went with Chocolate Cherry - aka Deep Burgandy Brown. Oy. Looking at L'Oreal's website I just realized that Chocolate Cherry is classified under "RED" - not black and not brown.

My white/gray hairs? They just love the red stuff.

Edit: 11/10/05 8:17am: Maybe the lights at Joyce's are brighter... da hair is not so bright this morning.
Tags: hair

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