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My back is definitely not happy with me. I think it was the last bit of moving - trying to get the seats back into the van. They're damn heavy and awkward to carry.

Just downed two more advil. Tomorrow morning should be interesting.

Did the last load around 7pm tonight. House is pretty much empty. G hired a cleaning company to clean the house tomorrow. The two storage pods are packed to the gills. K's house is in danger of exploding. My storage unit is definitely packed. Been moving stuff every night since Wednesday. Looking forward to some down time.

Kids had fun at Great America on Saturday. Kyle measured out as purple - means he's at least 48 inches tall - and could ride most of the adult roller coasters. herefox took him on the Bumper cars (fixed up for Halloween - dark & foggy), the Grizzly, the Log Ride and the Demon. I took him on my favorite - The Orleans Orbit (centrifugal force anyone?). He screamed the entire time! Except for the Demon that is. Foxy said he got real quiet during the loop de loops and the corkscrew...

Alani was tired and clingy. Too much upheaval in her world, I think. She didn't want to even ride the Merry Go Round. We did ride in the pink car on Dora the Explorer's dune buggy ride. She liked playing the games where she won two soft shaggy doggies - one white & black, the other white and brown.

Kyle was feeling off kilter - a bit of tummy ache during lunch - probably ate his first piece of pizza too fast. He felt better after a call to Mommy and lying on my knee (heating pad?) and watching Sponge Bob cartoons. Alani adored watching the cartoons. Next time, Foxy & I think we're going to eat at "Molly Brown's" on the other side of the park just so we don't have to watch the three cartoons over and over again.

Kids were tired and we left the park around 3pm. They were asleep before we hit the freeway. T'was good, they needed the nap. Everybody home before 4pm.

Thanks Foxy!
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