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Snagged again.

dang. Just checked my mail. Summoned for Jury Duty AGAIN.

I was last called in December of 2000. Served my one day and was excused from any further duty for one year. Prior to the 2000 date, the last time I had been called was like 1997. The other two times had at least 5-6 years between dates. Now, 18 months later, I get summoned again. Supposedly this is a randomized selection. Ya know, I know lots of people who NEVER get called - like my sisters - who've only been called once or twice. *sigh*

I'm going to have to postpone this summons until at least the first of the year - don't want to take a chance of getting chosen the week of July 18th. Vacation is the following week and from past experience, a 3 day trial can last 30 days.
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